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Dash Transnational Theatre

King Lear World Theatre Workshops

Directed by Tim Supple

A Dash Arts collaboration with Global Shakespeare
Dramaturg and Project Coordinator: Katie Ebner-Landy

A research and production process that will span six continents, investigating the world’s great theatre traditions and resulting in a multi-lingual and cross-national King Lear for a global audience.

King Lear will evolve from Tim Supple’s World Theatre Workshops, which will gather leading practitioners of the world’s greatest theatre forms for a peripatetic laboratory in Europe, the Americas, Russia, Central Asia, Africa, and the Far East.

The project was launched in a pilot workshop at Warwick Arts Centre and Warwick University in 2015 featuring artists from Tanzania, India, South Korea, Italy, Algeria, Belgium, Morocco, Russia, France, the United States and the United Kingdom. Free parallel public programmes of workshops, seminars, and debates were open to students, artists and members of the public. 

Subsequent workshops have taken place at Adishakti Laboratory for Theatre Research, Tamil Nadu, India; NYU Abu Dhabi; Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Japan; National University of Mexico, Mexico City; and Tuida Performance Centre, South Korea. Planning continues for further workshops in Egypt, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, USA, Australia, Tanzania, South Africa, India, and China. 

Each gathering will explore contrasting practices of preparation, rehearsal and performance and different approaches to the story, characters and text of Shakespeare’s King Lear. There will be a continual openness to and interest in all approaches to theatre, dramatic transformation and storytelling – the workshops will invite participants from forms, traditions and practices as varied as Koodiyattam, Chau and Kathakali in India; Noh, Kabuki and Bhutoh in Japan; traditional opera in China; Commedia dell’arte, Lecoq, Bertolt Brecht and Grotowski in Europe; Stanislavski and Michael Chekhov in Russia; Naqqali in Iran; alongside the vast riches of Realist, Classical and Folk theatre in North and South America, Africa and Asia.

The process will gather an international theatre ensemble of the highest quality, with global identity and significance that will perform King Lear throughout the world.

The ultimate goal is a shared language of theatre, discovered through the riches of difference, resulting in a production of one of the world’s greatest theatrical myths of power, violence and family.

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We are grateful for funding and support from our partners to date: Queen Mary University London, University of Warwick and Warwick Arts Centre, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, National University of Mexico, Tuida Seoul.
  • King Lear World Theatre Workshops
  • King Lear World Theatre Workshops
  • King Lear World Theatre Workshops