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In Development

2012-2017: REVOLUTION17

Hadid Almaty punk Gusli Maidan Josephine Burton in Old Tashkent, May 2014 Nadi Nadi

Revolutionary Futures: After Khlebnikov (Co-Artistic Director Josephine Burton)

Update January 2017:

This month, we return to the great poet and writer Velimir Khlebnikov, this time with events in London. Working with Kings College and Pushkin House, we’ll bring together Nikita Kadan, Iced Architects, Ana Riaboshenko, Donald Rayfield, Margarita Glutzberg, curators and academics to plan for a series of small ‘open Khlebnikov studios across London and internationally. These will be ‘accessible’ spaces of revolutionary activity, where dreams are nurtured and creative ideas fermented. Join us on Thursday 26th January at Kings College London to explore these ideas.  More information HERE

And pop into Pushkin House to see Glossolalia  - a sound installation based on Khlebnikov’s Language of the Future by the Iced Architects which will run at Pushkin House from 25th January 2017. 

September 2014:

Last week, I spent a few days by the beautiful seaside of the Georgian port, Batumi, on the Black Sea. I was there to begin After Khlebnikov – contemporary artistic responses to the writing of the brilliant maverick avant-garde Russian futurist writer Velimir Khlebnikov who wrote in a mass variety of media – poems, plays, manifestos, sagas elucidating his utopianist dreams, his theories of zaum (a universal language which transcended national and ethnic lines), a love of nature, ornithology and mysticism, of numerology, architecture and pacifism. Crazy beautiful texts, pretty much untranslatable into any language, including Russian…

We brought together some wonderful artists from across the Region, from Azerbaijan, Uzhbekhistan, Russia, Georgia and Ukraine to read, discuss, explore the city through the eyes of the poet and to see each other’s work. The ideas that arose were suitably as utopian and diverse as Khblebnikov’s own. We now return to plot some more…

1917 (Co-Artistic Director Tim Supple)


L: Tim Supple draws inspiration from Odessa’s steps where Eisenstein made movie history
R: Rolling back the years in Novosibirsk: two royalists yearn for the Tsarist past

Commissioned by National Theatre, London; Lincoln Center Festival, New York; Perth Festival, Australia; and Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, Tim Supple is developing an epic new work that dramatizes the experience of the Russian Revolution, the Soviet Union and the post Soviet years in the region, with text by leading Ukrainian writer Maksym Kurochkin. Supple has travelled to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Perm, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Bishkek, Almaty, Baku, Tbilisi, Yeravan, Minsk, Odessa and Kiev meeting theatre artists and producers as well as journalists, historians and politicians in his research. Further trips to Chisinau, Tashkent, Dushanbe and Ashgabat will follow and workshop auditions, involving hundreds of artists across the region, are being planned.

Renegade Orchestra 

Update 2016 (Co-Artistic Director Jospehine Burton):

Our work contnues to build an ensemble of 11 extraordinary musicians and composers from across the Post Soviet States. In May 2016, we gathered these musicians Evelina Petrova, Slava Guyvronsky, Matyakubov Shavkat, Misha Alperin, Reso Kiknadze, Zoltan Almashi, Natasha Pshenitschnikova, Vladimir Volkov, Kryukova Marina, Sergei Starostin and Petr Glavatskikh AND composer Alexander Manotskov, playwright Natalia Vorozhbyt and director Galina Pyanova in the mountains of Kazbegi, Georgia for an intensive music workshop towards the new score. Over 10 days we explored, listenned and learnt from each other; playing, talking, jamming, walking, eating, drinking and dancing. Alexander, Natasha, Galya, Ali Hasanov and Josephine are now in the process of conceiving, writing and designing this new work. With thanks to Cockayne-Grants for the Arts, the Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation and YaD Arts for their support of the workshop.  

Here's a link to a video with more information:  Renegade Orchestra

Update 2015:

Post Soviet Orchestra

L: Josephine Burton exploring the dombra, a Kazakh folk instrument, Almaty, May 2014
R: Josephine Burton meeting Conservatoire Professors and their students, Almaty, May 2014

Commissioned by Brighton Festival we are assembling a creative team and new ensemble of classically trained artists from across the post Soviet States to create a new theatrical piece of music; part composed, part devised and part improvised. This new piece of music will draw on the current musical genres in which these musicians now work: folk, jazz, electronica, punk rock and contemporary classical music. To date, Josephine has spent time in Moscow, St Petersburg, Kiev, Tiblisi, Tashkent, Baku, Almaty, Paris and London meeting artists, hearing their stories and listening to their music, and gradually building the ensemble.